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Boost your Business Efficiency by Building Custom IoT Solutions with DTEL

Transform your business processes, explore new business opportunities, and create innovative products by building custom IoT Solutions with DTEL. We help you to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things by providing you the understanding of various business and technical opportunities and overcoming various challenges associated with it. Our clients have seen significant improvement in business value & efficiency and have seen a reduction in maintenance & operational cost by partnering with us to build creative IoT solutions.

Smart Systems and the Internet of Things are driven by a combination of:

Our Offerings

IoT Consulting

Roadmap, Value Stream Mapping, Business Case Preparation, Solution Blueprinting, Business KPIs and ROI Mapping.

IoT Development

Deliver an IoT solution that will improve operational efficiency and accelerate intelligent decision making.

IoT Analytics

Develop & deploy analytics solutions. Generate actionable insights to business users for process & productivity optimization.

Digital Twins

Visualize, predict and optimize asset operations through a true physical-digital convergence, and realize faster ROI.

Integration & Implementation

Providing end-to-end solutions, from sensor / equipment integration & M2M Communication, to Business Intelligence Integration.

Managed Services

We secure IIoT, Predictive maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Root cause investigation, Predictive quality and process optimization.

Value Proposition

Tools and Technologies

Development frameworks / SDK
Communication protocols
Enabled devices
Development frameworks / SDK


Communication protocols

Sigfox, LoRaWAN, iBeacon, Eddystone, BLE, USB, Serial, IPv6, Cellular 5G, CoAP, MQTT, EIB, XMPP, AMQP, HTTP/HTTPS

Raspberry PI, Arduino, Beacons, NodeMCU, KNX, Crestron, Consumer smart home hubs (Samsung, Philips, D-Link, etc.), Industrial gateways (Intel, Cisco and Eurotech), Microcontrollers (ESP32, ESP8266), Beckhoff IoT controllers, Nordic Semiconductor hardware
Enabled devices

Sensors: temperature, humidity, light, motion, carbon dioxide, industrial sensors
Smart Home: light and motion sensors, locks, alarm, electric curtains, air conditioners, heaters, light switches, sockets, etc.
Medical devices: glucometers, radiometers/dosimeters, moisture meters, nitrate meters, heart rate monitors, etc.
IR gateways: TVs, SAT receivers, etc. 
Other: cameras, Wi-Fi smart light bulbs, actuators (Servo), etc.

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