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Who Are We

Whether a small operation or an international enterprise, businesses of all size depend on customer satisfaction and retention. Your company’s reputation and repeat business is determined by your customer’s experience, An excellent experience will not only open the door to more sales, but will also lead to good reviews and an expanded customer base.


Having the right call center technology in place is essential to making every interaction count.

The right contact center solution can make it easy to:

DTEL  is here to help you find the right customer contact solutions for your business. With a variety of platform and deployment options available, we can find the solution that fits your needs.

Our Offerings


Capture and analyze crucial customer journey details across all channels with intelligence to improve agent productivity and customer engagements.

Integration & Apps

Extensive framework of REST APIs and robust pre-built integrations with leading CRM solutions, Ticketing solutions, Business Critical Apps & Cloud Integration by extending the platform and

Workforce Optimization

Improve performance and industry compliance. Use real-time and historical data to see areas of excellence and improvements needed. Record interactions, monitor calls, analyze voice of the


Optimize outbound campaigns using predictive, progressive and preview dialing modes to deliver the maximum number of live calls to agents.


Create smarter, more intuitive interactions, that both improve agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Our AI solutions enhance human decision-making, simplify operations, and automate processes.

Cloud IVR

Speech-enabled, conversational IVR supports PCI-compliant self-service interactions and user authentication using AI and Natural Language Processing.


Managing end-to-end journeys across every channel, Our Platform breaks your organization free from individual silos to deliver seamless, contextual customer engagements.

Solutions to Offer with Ccaas

Offer improved connectivity with UCaaS. Enhance analytics, collect more data, integrate channels, and improve customer experience.

Ensure UCaaS meets optimal performance with enough bandwidth or improve performance of existing network by adding SD-WAN.

Virtualize the firewall and step into next generation security solutions with the option to layer on antivirus, IDS/IPS, content filtering and much more.

Our Artificial Intelligence services redefine the way businesses operate with the customers.


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